Our capabilities

Our philosophy is based on three essential points: quality, efficiency and respect for the environment.
These are indispensable for the development of DELBON’s products as well as for the company itself.

Quality :
Amino-acids of plant origin
Manufacturing process from biotechnologies.
Careful selection of raw materials.

Efficiency :
Quality of manufacture.
High concentration of products.
Elaborate products formulations for maximum efficiency.

Respect for the environnement :
Plant origin.
Low rate of use.
Optimize absorption of fertilizer.
Decrease in the quantity of fertilizer.
Natural biological struggle.
Natural plant defense stimulation.

These fertilizers, developed from new technologies, formulated with vegetal material for Protaminal® range,
live micro-organisms for Delsol® and with organic chelates for Polidel®, Felidel® and Oligodel®, preserve
the environment because they are free of nitrates, heavy metals and prions from B.S.E.

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