Foliaceous Agronutrients
A line of fertilizers developed for full and balanced crop nutrition.


Promotes cell growth and good foliar nutrition through a synergy between :

Calcium : one of the main components of plants, constitutes the skeleton of the plant cell.

Magnesium: (which represents the nucleus of chlorophyll) plays an essential role in
photosynthesis, formation of sugars and synthesis of vitamins. Magnesium helps plants to fight
against vine dessication.

Boron : helps plants to assimilate and fix calcium.

Oligodel® Mg-B

Allows for successful fertilization and fruiting with early applications of boron and magnesium.

Boron : the trace-element of fruit tree cultivation.

- Has an important role in the fertility of pollen and in the fertilization of flowers.

- Prevents the accumulation of certain growth inhibitors.

- Improves resistance to frost, allows a rapid and problem free blooming.

- Subsequently, helps the fruiting and increases sugar content of fruit.

=> Not very mobile in plants, Boron has to be applied during important physiological stages:
those that underpin blooming.

Magnesium : essential element of photosynthesis and cell multiplication.

Early application of magnesium during the period of blooming and fecundation are an additional plus

=> Oligodel® Mg-B contains a plant organic support made of amino-acids that improves
the absorption of applied fertilizing elements and their transfer into tissues.

Oligodel® F

Combines a balance in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to chelated trace-elements for a
complete foliar fertilization and an optimal assimilation of elements by the leaves.

Oligodel® R

Combines six major trace-elements to correct all deficiencies and to provide the plant a
perfect balance of nutrients to the plants.

Oligodel® MBM

A good leaf nutrition is maintained by a synergy between :

Magnésium : plays an essential role in photosynthesis, sugar formation and vitamins synthesis.

Boron : plays a role in fertilisation and in the carbohydrate and calcium movements.

Manganése : is an active element in the chlorophyll formation and in photosynthesis.

Felidel® R40 Special drip irrigation

Iron chelated by DTPA

Quickly frees iron and helps chlorosed plants to grow green again.

Felidel® S10 Special alkaline soils

Iron chelated by EDDHA

Very powerful greening effect.

Felidel® S45 Special alkaline soils

Iron chelated by EDDHA

Stimulates plant development.

Felidel® F95 Special foliar spray

Iron chelated by EDTA

For vines, fruit trees and vegetable crops.

Felidel® Fe-Mg

Iron chelated by EDTA

Corrects iron and magnesium deficiencies.


Special foliar  for vegetable crops, vineyards & orchards.

Polidel® MB

Efficient to nourish the grape in the fruit growing process.


Complete fertilization for parks, landscaping, golf courses and gardens.

Turfydel® EDDHA

Special alkaline soils

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