Microbiology & structure of soils
A preliminary soil preparation is necessary for all crops, depending on the quality of the soil that is not always adequate. Therefore, DELBON has developed a range of soil products: a biological activator and crop optimizer, a plant organic matter and an active molecular concentration to optimize crop yields for all kinds of soils.


Biological soil activator

Delsol® acts as to optimize crops by stimulating soil biological activity thanks to the provision
of a selected PGPR micro-organism population.
Delsol® promotes the germination, emergence and establishment of crops.
Delsol® increases the capacity of plants to absorb soil nutrients.
Delsol® helps roots to permit better plant assimilation and therefore better resistance to pests.
Delsol® fights against soil fatigue from intensive agriculture.
Delsol® increases microbiological soil activity and thereby improves soil structure.

Delsol® Helps plant growth and protect…...

Fight against soil fatigue.

Soil is a living environment composed of large quantities of micro-organisms. Bacteria are the
most numerous.

Rhizosphere is the portion of the soil in contact with the roots. It contains 100 times more
micro-organisms than the rest of the soil. It is the focal point of numerous exchanges with plants.

In cultivated soils, Putida Pseudomonas have a true bioprotective function.

Delsol®Acts as an antagonist of some pathogenic fungi responsible for ‘iron seeding’ such as:
pythium spp, phytophtora spp, fusarium spp, rhizoctonia solani, phoma spp,
bortrytis cinerea, aphanomyces, verticillium dahliae…

By promoting the quantity of Putida Pseudomonas, it strengthens the natural defenses of culture,
des cultures especially when they are in unfavourable weather situations or involved in
intensive rotations.


The ideal balance to enrich soils depleted or devoid of organic matter.

Improves soil structure by increasing the organic matter content with a large amount of
plant nitrogen organic matter.

Enhances rooting and frees soil nutrients thanks to its humic (soft) and fulvic (hard)
acid content, both constituents of humus.

Is particularly recommended for sandy soils.


Improves the physio-chemical and biological condition of soils,based on an active molecular
concentrate of humic and fulvic acids.

Improves soil structure.

Increases fertilizer absorption.

Releases soil nutrients

Keeps the proper balance between anions and cations in soil.

Increases root development.

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