Amino-acid based organic biostimulants :
Today, Protaminal® , is a standard product
in the natural biostimulants market in many countries.

Protaminal® is a concentration of short chain amino-acids.

Protaminal® improves yields and quality.

Protaminal® ensures early maturity.

Protaminal® an easy to use product.

It applies on the ground or in foliar pulverization and relates to all the types of grounds and all
the cultures.

Amino-acids contained in Protaminal® are determining factors in :

- Photosynthesis by increasing and retaining of chlorophyll.

- Respiration by modifying the permeability of the cell membrane.

- Assimilation by ‘chelating’ nutritive elements.

- Growth by accelerating cell multiplication.

- Accelerating cell multiplication. during crop planting, marked temperatureswings, excess
or inadequate water, excess salinity, chemical pesticides or during an abundant production.


Provides plants with calcium, that can be easily assimilated thanks to the action of amino- acids.

- Better physiological balance.

- Reduction of fruit malformation.

- Increase incellular multiplication.

- Better fruit consistency.

- Improvement of fruit maturity.

- Better preservation.

Calcium : is one of the main components of plants and constitutes the skeleton of plant cells.

Magnesium : which is the nucleous of chlorophyll – plays an essential role in the photosynthesis,
the formation of sugars and the synthesis of vitamins. It helps plants to fight against bunch rot.

Boron : helps plants to assimilate and fix calcium.


Protein stimulator cereal bioactivator

- Rich in nitrogen, sulphur and proteins. It increases the protein content and the resistance
of cereals against stresses situations.

- Better protein content.

- Regular growth.

- Increased absorption of mineral elements.

Protaminal® Nitrogen Subtitution

The amino-acids contained in Protaminal®, precursor to proteins, increase the capacity of
plants to absorb nitrogen which is a factor of growth and protein content (highly recommended
for wheat).

Protaminal® is the guarantee of a good protein content in unfavourable conditions such as
poor assimilation of nitrogen or high yields

Protaminal® favours the absorbtion and conversion of nitrogen. by plants.

Protaminal® Olive-tree

Guarantees a perfectly balanced foliar fertilization by providing a perfectly balanced combination
of amino-acids, magnesium, boron and manganese.

Magnesium : which forms the core of chlorophyll plays an essential role in photosynthesis,
in the creation of sugars and the synthesis of vitamins.

Boron : plays a role in fertilization and in the movements of carbohydrates and calcium.

Manganese is an active element in the formation of chlorophyll and photosynthesis.


Organic Biostimulant based on amino-acids for soil and leaf applications.

Organic nitrogen input for crops.

This product enriched in chelated EDTA iron and manganese enables optimal assimilation
and better plant balance. Copyright© 2009 DELBON. All rights reserved.